The Victoria (Victorian Room)

The Romantic Victorian (Boudoir Photography Session)

Whether you borrow one of our crowns for your session or bring your own, this room is screaming “QUEEN!” 

Taking you back in time with the selected antique décor, this room is one of our larger rooms when it comes to our add-on extras.

Its blue walls and golden accents give a luxurious feel that creates a calm relaxing sit back and sink into one of our chairs effect. It showcases vintage furniture pieces, floral and gold accents, a fireplace, antique mirror, working phonograph and chandeliers that run across the ceiling to reflect perfectly in your mirror shots.


Currently, we have moved our Victorian tub to this room location and are looking to change this room up a bit to suit for more of a bedroom vintage look verses and living area room. Within time this will be created. There is plenty of room in here though and our tub is a perfect fit for this collection. Have your boudoir session include a flower or milk bath to complete your look perfectly in this past time era.

So, think of Bridgerton when picking out outfits for this must have selection of a room. Corsets, long gowns, knicker bottom lingerie, laced up boots, wigs and let’s not forget, the crown. You can certainly make your own timely image creations here. Or if these clothing ideas were not in your mindset but you love the room, get creative, anything goes.


The romantic victorian boudoir room for solo, couples or even bridal parties. You can include this room and have it set for an amazing romantic feel no matter what the occasion. Use the room as an add on to services just for photos. Or add it as your sitting room between sessions and we will cater to your room bringing in chocolate covered strawberries and champagne for an extra delightful visit. 

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