Looking for some romance?

Couple’s boudoir is a great way to help tune into SOMEONE special and keep that fire lit that we so want to keep burning in our relationships. Whether this is not new news to you and your ready to do it again or are just now looking into it, you may have questions on what to do to get the most out of your session and make sure its what you want.  That goes for clothing too.  let’s see if we can help answer some of those questions for you here.

There are many reasons to consider a couple’s boudoir session. It can be for your anniversary, a birthday gift, a holiday or just because you’re celebrating life in general with no other meaning behind it except the love you cater to each other. It’s perfect for new loves connecting closer as well as long timed loves re-kindling their forever intimacy. No matter the reason, it’s probably a good one.

This is truly a beautiful experience; in fact, it helps couples feel closer and connect stronger.  Celebrating a relationship and capturing the emotions that go along with it is a treasure that many couples love to have memories of.  Whether it’s kept personal, showcased in a book, or hung for the world to see right up in their living room, it’s a forever memory of an amazing bonding experience shared.

It can be sexy with clothes on, and it can be sexy with clothes off. Heck, it can be sexy taking the clothes off as you go through your session. 

Your session is created with your vision in mind, it can be as reserved or intimate as you like. Picking outfits for such an experience hopefully should not feel overwhelming. It can be a mixture of items from formal dress to nothing at all. These are your intimate moments so the outfits should play into the fact of comfortability for the two of you.  Find things that suit you both on the vision you are wanting to portray and blend them to match that desire look.

This is a perfect opportunity for those play props!!!

All couple bookings are scheduled with a zoom meeting so you can meet the photographer and have all your questions answered to ensure the best outcome of your session.

We will do a dress consultation, free of charge, to help with any wardrobe design. There are so many ideas that this list could go on forever.

Evening wear (Cocktail dress / Suit)

Jeans and tank tops

T-shirts and underwear

Lingerie / boxers, underwear


Erotic Costumes


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