Themed Seduction

Want something More than the typical Boudoir Session?

Perhaps you have already done a boudoir session before or even if you haven’t, maybe all the other alternatives to dress attire are just not what YOU’RE looking for. You find yourself more in a realm of fantasy and see yourself as an exotic beauty of a different world.

Your session can be absolutely anything you want it to be, so set aside all the typical must be likes and create something one of a kind, completely out of the box, just for yourself.  This is the most perfect time ever to just escape from the everyday world you live in and become that inner ego that lives within you. Let it out to shine for the day.   

There is no limit when it comes to creativity, so whatever it is you vision, I am positive while working with you we can create something that represents you in its fullest. From make-up to dress attire, we can help walk you through an imaginary array of ideas and help design the perfect Portraiture / Boudoir session just for you.

Fearless by Capemo personally feel if you focus on Make-up being your main design to reflect your desired look and then look at clothing attire both on a vision of costume and lingerie that represents your look, everything will come together as one.

This is the perfect time to think props. You will certainly get the vision moving with fun prop ideas that you choose to bring along for your adventure to a one-of-a-kind fantasy world creation of your own. 

We will do a dress consultation, free of charge, to help with any wardrobe design. There are so many ideas that this list could go on forever.

When it comes to themes, we have no favorites. Every idea of clothing is recommended. But if we had to choose from ideas, we would simply say, the sexier, the better.

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