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To Nude or Not to Nude?

SO, you got yourself THINKING OF perhaps a little nude, such as working yourself up to it after you do some in lingerie, then stripping down until that final MOMENT.    OR your ready to just bare it all from the start, nothing is holding you back.   either way, you have made you final decision, nude it is!!!    you’ve planned it out carefully in your head, your bag is pack with the bare mininimals, you head to the studio and you get to the door.  all of the sudden those nerves set in, you know??,   WHEN that “holy sh*t” moment arrises that you are about to be doing this kicks in. You start asking yourself if you made the right decision and start second guessing yourself.  it’s ok lovely, this is a normal REACTION.  SO, to help with the second GUESSING, LETS go over some things about nude photography and what it can do for you.

Regardless of if you choose to wear lingerie or go in the buff, the choice will always be FEARLESS! Boudoir has NOTHING to do about the clothes.

If you’re thinking nude and you’re ready to go in the BUFF, know there is absolutely nothing wrong with this decision. In fact, the decision is one that can leave you feeling completely soul freeing.

Just because you’re baring it all, nude doesn’t have to feel erotic, it can feel more primal, a feeling of raw. It’s a way of celebrating your body and looking past the flaws visioned in your mind or a pain your body has endured over time.  On an artistic side of things, it conveys confidence and strength in oneself while capturing feelings and emotions, not so much of the fact of being naked.

Nude photography does not mean erotic or pornography. There is a complete difference when entering those genres. It does not have to be sexualized in any manner and can be done tastefully allowing yourself to just be SEEN.  YOU are a beautiful piece of Art and are designed as a one-of-a-kind structure. There is absolutely No one exactly like you. 

To top this conversation off and set aside some fears of standing in your raw format, in my studio, no one will judge you. Our job is not about critiquing your body. In fact, we’re not even really looking at it. We are looking at YOU.   What we see is a beautiful figure needing to be highlighted while capturing emotion and creating a feeling that allows your individual soul to shine, be free and be completely SEEN. 

As for outfits, What outfit?? There really isn’t anything except those things you would like to combine with your birthday suit.  “Think Props”

We will do a dress consultation, free of charge, to help with any wardrobe design.

You can also look into our Full body painting, Boodicasos, and Glitter ups

Here are a few of our boudoir Studio’s favorites!






Gem Confetti

Fancy Hat

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