The Bettie
(Red Room)

The Bettie (Red Room Boudoir Studio)

Our dungeon style red room is probably the most requested room in the house for our clientele. It’s red embellished floral print walls, golden accents and fun prop designs create the perfect background texture and atmosphere giving your vision of the naughty girl image.

It showcases mirrors from three directions, a mini window, a yoga swing, St. Andrews cross, and of course, a spanky bench.


Your day is about your story, and it can be any way you want it to go. Have fun with it and enter a make-believe world if you choose. This room is all about the look and we created it just for that. The room itself gives off a relaxed dreamy feel that we sometimes only read in books. You know, those steamy romantic ones. You don’t have to be a naughty girl in real life to give off a vision in your story line. Grab a whip off the wall, arch your back as though you’re stretching in a yoga pose, close your eyes, take a deep breath and voila! the vision is completed.


Lots of different kinds of fun prop pieces such as whips, chains, ropes, paddles, and mask to complete the look you are going for to bring out the fifty shades of grey feel and look.

We love changing up the lighting in this room to give it a different look from time to time if you choose to have some added color in your life during your session.

Add our Shabari Artist to come in on your session day to give you the knotty tie up look that so many love to experience. See our Shabari section for more details.

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