The Marilyn
(Main Room)

The Marilyn Monroe Inspired (Boudoir Photo Session)

Even if you never stepped a foot into any of our other rooms, this room has everything you need and more for your Boudoir photo session.

The main window sets this room perfectly, giving those natural light looks we love, especially later in the day as the sun is going down.



Our focus piece is our bedroom set up, because of course, we are Boudoir.  The white furniture (bed and vanity mirror set) enhances any linens and blankets we provide to match our beauty’s vision. We have satin sheets in multiple colors, or we provide a white sheet base depending on the set we create for the day. We will add plush, soft blankets and throw pillows, candles, accent décor and arranged floral, which we have a very large variety to choose from. When it comes to fluffy and soft things to snuggle up to our simply lay on, we have you covered.

Our large golden mirror brings in some beautiful image pieces and a favorite to all of us.

This room also displays our French couch (Frenchie as we call her) and a must to lay on during your visit. Her carved décor and soft leather clothing with rhinestone inlays creates a feel of pure elegance that will take you to a dreamy place as soon as you lay eyes upon her.


This room also houses all our back drops, and we are constantly changing them during the year depending on what’s going on seasonally or just to get a different vibe. Perhaps a beauty’s request due to theme work being done, though our blue Victorian hangs as our main attraction setting all year long.

Two other special things in this room that not everyone even realizes are our swing and silks hanging above. Always a fun add on to your session if you like to try them out.

And that certainly is not all this room offers. We do so much here, you will not be disappointed. Boudoir mini sessions of all kinds for our VIP groups such as our fairy, bubble, and paint session, holiday set ups and so much more. We have so many stored away pieces we drag in and out that at times we feel like furniture movers but it’s all fun and we find complete joy in coming up with new creations for all those making their way in for their special day or return quickie visit.

When you call to book your boudoir photo session, this is the room that is assigned to your day, believe us when we say you can spend hours in here getting your perfect look but if you’re wanting a little something special to match your feels, check out one of our themed rooms. They are designed to either replace the main room for the day or add on with additional time and outfit change. The day is All YOURS! Just tell us what you want, and we will do our absolute best to make it happen.

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