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How Fearless Are You?

You’ve googled shibari photoshoot and it caught your interest. you are probably questioning to yourself what exactly it is and if it will be something you would want to incude in your day.   You are also probably reading that it falls under bdsm and other indications that may stray you away from such an experience.   I gotcha… it can sound more intimidating than it actual is.   let’s discuss what and how our luxury boudoir photography studio offers it and how you may see it being part of your boudoir experience.

This is not your typical everyday session. In fact, it’s very empowering and be even a bit out of your comfort zone. You can choose to do a small section of the body all the way to the full body.

When you do Shibari poses, you are going to the next level and no longer consider boudoir even if there are absolutely no form of sexual pleasure and only ties, the idea of being tied is considered a sexual pleasure all in its own. I do not say this to scare you in your thoughts but to help understand some meaning, think of it as this, being tied up, is considered bondage. 

To understand more in depth of Japanese Rope tying you can research online to get full description literature.

What we do in the studio is for Art purposes only and nothing more than that. We are not going to be practicing any in depth situations and will be strictly working on creating empowering images for your time treasures. 

We have an Artist that specializes strictly in tying, and she will stay by your side every minute to assure your safety in every way for every reason.  She will greet you with patience, sit and chat with you regarding fears and anxieties of any kind, and then work with you in creating an Art piece that represents your strengths. 

If you’re someone who suffers from claustrophobic situations, you may find this even more out of your comfort zone though you may want to use it as a healing purpose for your own mind set.

Our Artist uses quick pull release knots and always has safety scissors in hands to set you free at any given moment.

   We will do a dress consultation, free of charge, to help with any wardrobe design. Shibari can be added to either lingerie that allows rope tying, or in the Buff.  We do not recommend it over flowy or large amounts of clothing articles.

Here are a few of our boudoir Studio’s favorites!



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